Herb Wood and Dean Ford, Founders of Woodford Plywood


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  Herb Wood (Left) & Dean Ford (Right)  
Woodford Plywood, a wholesale building materials distributor, was founded in 1975 in Albany, Georgia by Herb Wood and Dean Ford. Former outside salesmen for Georgia-Pacific, Herb worked in the retail industry while Dean's experience was in the manufactured housing industry. Their combined knowledge resulted in a unique understanding of the southwest Georgia markets. Hence, Woodford, a name derived from the pairs' last names, was formed.

  From November 1975 to 1978 Woodford's sales and number of building supply products grew. Herb and Dean saw an opportunity to expand into southeastern Georgia and opened the company's first branch location in Waycross, Georgia in the summer of 1978. Since that time, eleven additional branches have been added.   Herb and Dean took pride in providing world-class service to their customers. The importance of friendship and family values resonated in the relationship between Woodford Plywood and all of their customers. In September 2007, Mr. Wood passed away and in June 2009, Mr. Ford passed away. Mr. Wood’s children Darin Wood and Karen Iler continue to uphold their father’s and Mr. Ford’s legacy. Karen and Darin honor Mr. Wood’s & Mr. Ford’s dedication to customer service and strive to maintain Woodford Plywood’s high standard of excellence.
Herb Signature
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