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  The plans and specifications our department receive are from our customers. These plans are solicited by our sales department in order to produce specifications and layouts of our Engineered Wood Products floor and roof systems and promote the sale of our products. The specification and layout services are provided to our customers and the building contractor at no charge. Our Technical Department works in conjunction with our customer and their building contractor to provide the best structural design and most cost effective design using the plans and specifications provided by an architect or building designer. These specifications and layouts are submitted to the building contractor for design and dimension review and verification.
Woodford Plywood, Inc. Engineered Wood and Technical Support departments’ purpose is to provide, to our sales force, our customers sales force and our customers building contractors, information, technical assistance and layouts, for the promotion and sales of our Engineered Wood Products. These products consist of I-joists, Laminated Veneer Lumber, (LVL) Long Strand Lumber (LSL), glulam beams, glulam columns and open web floor joists.

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