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For nearly 50 years, Woodford Plywood has offered the highest quality building materials and provided exceptional service to customers all over the Southeastern United States.

With distribution centers throughout the Southeastern United States servicing Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Each of our building supply warehouses maintains the quality and quantity of inventory needed to meet your supply needs. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the materials you need, when you need them.

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Locations in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, & Alabama



Woodford Plywood has been a partner of Tibbetts Lumber Co. since 2009. We value their prompt delivery, competitive prices, and knowledgeable and friendly staff. They take great care of us!

George FascherTibbetts Lumber Co.

We always enjoy dealing with Woodford for many reasons - their variety of products, willingness to assist you in a timely manner, and expertise in the industry is what sets them apart from the competition. We appreciate their knowledgeable and friendly staff with each purchase made. They make you, the customer, feel appreciated.

Jason BradenWholesale Builders

Woodford Plywood was one of the first accounts I opened when I bought into the building supply business a few short years ago. Being an owner/operator with little to no experience, I had questions regularly. The sales team at Woodford was always there to help and guide me, even when it wasn’t going to make them any money. They offer a wide range of products and are able to supply close to a quarter of my inventory needs. They do this at a competitive price with high quality materials. They have earned my business and now they have a loyal customer for as long as I am selling building supplies.

Trevor MooreFarmer’s Supply of Alma

We have been successful partners with Woodford Plywood for over 30 years now. Had it not have been for Woodford Plywood’s strong commitment to becoming a partner rather than just another Vendor….Harris ACE Hardware wouldn’t be open today! HAH believes in finding vendors that treat us the way we treat our customers or the relationship simply will not work, Woodford Plywood sets the bar in that category. We can’t thank Woodford Plywood enough for the lasting partnership and keeping us on the forefront in our Industry.

Colby HarrisHarris ACE Hardware

First String Space has been a customer of Woodford Plywood since 2007 when it first opened. In the 15 years that First String Space, Inc has been doing business with Woodford Plywood, we have been completely satisfied with their services and products. They do an excellent job of meeting our needs and offer the most competitive pricing in their market. The company’s employees are honest and trustworthy and always follow through with their promises. The quality of their service is above par.

Jonathan WrightFirst String Space Inc.

What a pleasure it’s been doing business with Woodford Plywood for over two decades! The staff is knowledgeable, professional, dependable and very helpful. They follow through with all aspects of transactions in a timely manner. It is obvious they strive to provide quality service and want their customers to prosper as well.

Lee CatheyCathey's Hardware & Tackle

Price, Service, and Quality. They say that you must pick two. I have found that is not the case with Woodford Plywood. I have done business with WF for twenty plus years and I never had to choose because they provided all three. They are a partner that has contributed greatly to our success through the years. The added benefit to doing business with WFP is that the entire team is dedicated to taking care of us and their friendships have become invaluable!

Wayne MartinStier Supply Company

Woodford Plywood has been Mulherin Lumber's top supplier of building materials and EW for as long as I can remember, all the way back to the days of Mr. Wood, Mr. Ford, and my dad. Our relationship is a like a good marriage, through good times and bad, sickness and health. It is rare in these days of big national corporations in distribution to have people that we can have a true personal relationship with that we can be confidant are looking out for our best interest everyday. Thank God for Woodford Plywood!

Mike GradyMulherin Lumber

S&H Supply has been a customer of Woodford plywood for many years now. There are several factors that we look for when choosing who we as a company partner with. Pricing is important but there are other factors that are just critical to the buying process. A vendor has to be knowledgeable, reliable, and most importantly have the products we need. Woodford Plywood has always had a great combination of these factors. Our partnership over the years has expanded to not only plywoods and commodity items to many specialty products. EWP, housewraps, synthetic felt, and insulation just to name a few. I have always found Woodford Plywood to be more than fair and a great company to do business with. The last couple of years have been tough with shortages and covid shutdowns, but through it all we had a partner doing everything they could to keep us in product to sell. Thanks to Woodford Plywood for all you do. Just cant say enough positive things about you guys!

Jason TaylorS&H Supply Inc

As everyone knows, if you have been in the Lumber Supply Business the last past 2 years, it has been a challenge to say the least in our industry. From the beginning of Covid related issues, Raw Material issues, Price Inflation, and the overwhelming Demand for Product, we have all been put to the test to overcome and maintain sales. With this many issues being thrown at you; it takes good business partners to overcome and reach your daily operation needs. For Hill’s Ace Hardware and Lumber, Woodford Plywood did just that. Woodford has been a huge part of Hill’s success on helping us maintain a good supply of Engineered Wood Products when demand and shortages were expected in most of our industry. In Partnership with LP Solid Start Manufacturing, Woodford Plywood has been very consistent with suppling our Engineered Wood Products needs. The Woodford Organization and its staff has been a business partner for years with Hill’s Ace Hardware and Lumber, thus allowing us all to succeed.

Adam WallHill’s Ace Hardware and Lumber

Where It All Began…

Our passion for quality and excellent customer service comes from the legacy of our founders, Herb Wood and Dean Ford. Today, that legacy has been proudly maintained for three generations through Herb’s children, Karen and Darin, along with his grandchildren.

Our History